Employment Exchange in Non Government Sector

Employment Exchange in Non Government Sector

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Employment Consultant

The consultants helps in conveying the job requirements of the employers to the prospective candidates and vice-versa. They also guide the applicants how to register online and simplify the process of recruitments. If you wish to start your journey as an EMPLOYMENT CONSULTANT, kindly register with us and guide both the employers and candidates with the benefits of registering on IEE portal.

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Work Flow For Employment Consultant


Register on IEE portal.

Motivate Candidates / Employers

For registering in IEE.

Registration of Candidates/Employers

Help Registration Of both Candidates/Employers on IEE Portal.


We share profile with employers & Screening of shortlisted candidates by them.

Selection & Hiring

By Employer.


Fees recived by IEE-sharing with consultant.

How "Employment Consultants" Will Function

Our "Employment Consultants" can function without disturbing their present job / bussiness since this being primarily a motivational work

"Employment Consultants" can functions at state / district / tehsil / panchayat and city level. Their task primarily is to motivate candidates for registering with IEE. Similarly to make employer register with us and convey their vacancies to the IEE portal.

For Further details on revenue sharing please get in touch with us after registering on our portal.